S.No Committees Objectives of Committees
1. Discipline Committee
  • To maintain discipline inside the campus
  • Make record of absentees and to check uniform
2 Anti Ragging Committee
  • Any act of Indiscipline, Teasing or Handling with Rudeness.
  • Any Act of Physical Abuse causing Assault, Harm or danger to Health.
  •  Any Act of injury or infringement of the fundamental right to the human dignity
  • Any Act of abuse by spoken words, emails, SMS or public insult etc.
3. Examination Committees
  •  Draw advance plans for examinations
  • Conduct of tests
  • On time available availability of question papers
  • Maintain records of stationary
  • Internal assessment
4. Cultural & Sports Committees
  • Conduct of games, sports & cultural activities
  • Maintenance of records of CCA
5. College Maintenance Committee
  •  Cleanliness of premises, lawns and pots, dustbin, furniture, classrooms, staff room, toilets.
  • Maintenance of A/V aids room, science lab, girls and boys common room, computer lab etc.
6. Public Relations Committee
  •  Selection of newspapers, linkages with community/departments/practice schools/press
  • To maintain record of press coverage & photograph
7. Library Committee
  • Selection of newspapers, magazines, journals, textbooks