The essence of industry visits is to impart practical knowledge of the current practices and modules adopted by modern-day industries. These visits serve in multiple capacities by inspiring future technocrats and managers and by giving them first-hand exposure. During the visit to different plants, our students learn the basic criteria to perform their duties according to the competitive environment.

  1. 1. For students pursuing professional education industrial visits help them gain hands-on experience of how industry operations are executed.
  2. 2. Industry visits bridge the gap between theoretical training and practical learning in a real-life environment.
  3. 3. Industry visits provide opportunities for active/interactive learning experiences in-class as well as outside the classroom environment.
  4. 4. With industry visits, students are able to better identify their prospective areas of work in the overall organizational function.
  5. 5. Industry visits help enhance interpersonal skills and communication techniques.
  6. 6. Students become more aware of industry practices and regulations during industry visits.
  7. 7. Industry visits broaden the outlook of students with exposure to different workforces from different industries.