Krishna Institute was founded in 2015 by Krishna Educational & Social Development Trust, a non-profit educational trust located in Bijnor (UP). Krishna Institute is envisioned to become a leading institute that provides liberal professional education. Interdisciplinary curriculum, experiential learning environment, and research define a Bijnor education. We are reimagining the classroom beyond the physical walls and focusing on the whole development of each student in an engaging and nurturing environment. From upcoming session we will have two more courses B. Sc (Nursing) and BAMS. These medical courses are under the affiliation process and for these medical courses we are running Krishna Hospital which is well equipped with latest facilities and 100 beds.
Facilities at Krishna Institute Bijnor



Facilities : Our Labs

Programming Lab

This lab is based on programming methodologies. In this lab we can work on different programming languages like C, C++, Java, Visual Basic , .Net, Basic Programming, website development Android app design etc.

Software Engineering Lab

This lab is use to design, develop & to test the software. In this we use different software design methods to develop software like waterfall model, spiral model, instrumental development model, Iterative development etc. In this we perform practical about software development life cycle, software design, software testing & maintenance.This lab is use to design, develop & to test the software. In this we use different software design methods to develop software like waterfall model, spiral model, instrumental development model, Iterative development etc. In this we perform practical about software development life cycle, software design, software testing & maintenance.

Database Management system lab

A database is an organization of data generally stored and accessed electronically from a computer system. In database management system lab, we use software that interacts with end users, application and the database itself to capture and analyzed the data. The DBMS software additionally encompasses the core facility provide to administer the database.

Basic electrical engineering lab

This lab provides basic information about different electrical supply systems. This lab enables students to understand fundamentals of electrical engineering machine in different systems to measure various electrical quantities and to do routine maintenance. This lab provides ability to students to identify different types of motors and select appropriate drive for the industrial load.

Electrical machine lab

The purpose of this lab to provide knowledge of electrical machines(AC & DC machines), power efficiency, characteristics of electrical machines as a motor generator, determining the parameter and performance characteristics of transformer methods to control the speed of motors and control the voltage generator etc. this lab is equipped with all the basic as well as advance electrical machines. In this lab students will gain practical knowledge of transformation and various types of machine drives in real working environments.

Electrical workshop (Lab)

This is the most important and core lab for electrical engineering students. This lab makes students familiar with different electrical equipments and also provides knowledge about various electrical tools such as screw, driver and wire stripper etc.

Power system lab

This lab is equipped with experimental set-ups for under voltages, over current differential and other different relays. In this lab students can analyze and design electric and integrated energy system including planning of its design and operation.

Power electronic lab

Power electronics is one of the important areas of electrical engineering. This lab enables students to understand the operation of power electronic converters and semi- conductor devices. It provides knowledge to control the flow of electrical power by using electronics switching devices. This lab helps to students in measuring and simulating important operating characteristics of power electronics circuits and power semi-conductors.

Building material lab

At Krishna institute building material lab is well equipped with the required experimental setup for study of various building material. In this lab students get the knowledge about manufacturing of the building material in industry as well as from natural resources like rocks, clay, wood, sand etc.

Survey Lab

The motive of this lab is surveying exercises and it is well equipped with all the latest instruments like levels, GPS receivers set, total stations, tripods, tape and chain etc required for conducting ground surveying work.

Soil Mechanics lab

In this lab students will perform tests needed for study and analysis the properties and characteristics of the soil. The fundamental experiments which are carried out in this lab are testing of water content, specific gravity, grain size distribution analysis, Waterberg limits of the soils etc

Concrete Technology Lab

Concrete is the most important construction material. In concrete technology laboratory every component of the concrete mix design is tested as well as the concrete itself. In this lab evaluation of the plastic properties of mix and its hardened properties is performed. The tests are conducted to determine the engineering properties in terms of strength, fatigue, creep, strain, elasticity, stiffness, durability and workability etc.

Public Health Engineering lab

This lab provides practical exposure of studying properties and characteristics of water. This lab is equipped with experimental setup required for filtration, of water, purifying water and treatment of the water etc. In this lab students will conduct tests with the help of turbidity meter and PH meter etc

Applied Mechanics Lab

The Applied Mechanics Laboratory is used to conducts research and design work while focusing on spectrum of modern Engineering applications. This laboratory provides a unique hands-on learning environment for students to grasp the fundamental principles of mechanics and mechanical vibration. This lab has a few machines, which helps the cadets in visualizing basic forces & mechanisms involved in engineering design.

Workshop Practice Lab

Workshop practice imparts basic knowledge of various tools and their uses in different sections of manufacturing such as Fitting, Tin Smithy, House Wiring, Carpentry etc. It is true that engineers are not going to become carpenters or blacksmiths or skilled workers on the shop floor, but by exposing themselves to all working trades, they get a clear view of the basic practical activities associated with all sections of manufacturing. It helps them, when they occupy managerial positions, in understanding the activities and practical difficulties, so that they can take appropriate decisions.

Hydraulic and Hydraulics lab

This lab is run in conjunction with the theory course ME (Fluid Mechanics). It is an introductory lab where flow behaviour, fluid forces and analysis tools are introduced. The objectives of the experiments include determination of forces generated when fluid flow takes place over a solid object, applications of the control volume approach, demonstration of the momentum and energy equations, viscosity measurement and engineering correlations. Complicated flow phenomena such as transition and separations to turbulence are demonstrated. All the Experimental setups such as flow over a flat plate, wind tunnel, flow through a tube, viscometer and smoke tunnel are made available to the students.

Thermal Engineering Lab

Thermal engineering lab has equipped with wind tunnel, refrigeration and air conditioning test- rig, bomb calorimeter, fuel testing equipments. The machines and equipment used to determine experimental data include cut models of 4stroke diesel engine, 2stroke petrol engine, 4stroke and two stroke petrol engines with required specifications, Single cylinder Diesel engine for performance, Multi cylinder SI engine and speed test which is suitable to tests on variable compression ratios.

Facilities: Library

Library is an integral part of every institute and plays a very important role in pursuit of academic excellence. Library provides support in learning, teaching and research activities by proving information recourses, knowledge of emerging technologies and supports educational activities for achieving academic excellence. At Krishna Institute we have a spacious central library enriched with a large number of text books, reference books, journals, magazines, news papers etc. and it is updated frequently. Adequate numbers of books and titles are available. It is not only meeting the requirements of the curriculum but also have a wide range of books related to latest technology, research , general awareness and many more in printed as well as digital format. Students have open access to the library. We have a spacious reading hall that maximum students can avail reading facility.

Facilities: Class Rooms

Krishna institute have spacious and aesthetically designed lecture rooms. All the class rooms are equipped with hi-definition projectors, high speed internet connectivity, modern furniture, black board etc.

Facilities: Cafeteria

At Krishna Institute canteen is situated within the campus. It is open for all and there is a huge space, hygienic and comfortable arrangement for the students. All type of snacks, meals and soft drinks are available at subsidized rate. It is students' favorite place for hangout after classes. It is not only a place for food but also become a hub of academic activities where after-class discussions take place.

Facilities: Computer Centre

Krishna institute has a computer centre to provide students the opportunity to enhance their learning with the help of the technology. This centre assists students to find the solution of their questions and assignments. This centre helps them in preparing presentation, accessing internet facility and provides latest information related to the general awareness etc. Teachers conduct classes at computer centre from time to time.

Facilities: Hospital

Krishna Hospital is a healthcare provider, fast establishing itself in the secondary healthcare system of India. Established in 2016, this 100 bedded hospital is located in Golbagh near Hashampur village in District Bijnor. Our aim is to provide the best facilities to economically weaker section of the society. We provide latest treatment at free of cost because we do not want that anyone deprived of receiving treatment because of financial constraints.

  • • Gynecology
  • • Orthopedic
  • • ENT
  • • Pediatric
  • • General Surgery
  • • General Medicine
  • • Digital X-Ray
  • • Medical Store
  • • Pathology Lab